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We are thrilled about this new opportunity, of showing Sara's artwork and achievements as a little romanian artist. This is a great opportunity for all the kids in the world to develop their artistic skills and to value their effort to become better and better, every time, with every contest you  support. Thank you, for this this extraordinary award as a STAR ARTIST in ULTIMATE EXPRESSION 2022 !! 

Sara's parents
Fetesti, Ialomita, Romania
28 July 2022

Thank you for the positive review and high evaluation of my daughter's work. It means a great deal to me that she has earned your trust and your support. I assure you, she is ready to tackle new challenges and she will continue to be the best little painter.
Radoslavа Kraleva, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics, South-West University "Neofit Rilski", Bulgaria

I want to express my most heartfelt thanks to the entire Picasso Art Contest Team for assessing the talent of my child and for the wonderful opportunity you provided for it to be shown. Sincerely believe that every child has a gift to be discovered and encouraged. Thank you for doing this for our children. With best wishes,
Radoslava Kraleva
(Mother of Victoria) from Bulgaria


A big “Thank You” for the beautiful certificate & I express my sincere gratitude to the whole team of Picasso Art Contest for conducting this Art competition. I also appreciate the hard work and effort taken by the team for giving an opportunity to the budding artists from all over the world to participate in this international platform. My son Sreeram.S is very thrilled as he is selected as GOLDEN ARTIST and his drawing is selected at International Level.

As the whole process of this contest is very user friendly, everyone can participate in this contest. The children get enough time and freedom to express their creativity. Also publishing the art work of winners encourages all children to improve their skill and creativity. I once again express my sincere gratitude to the Picasso team for the encouragement given to him by selecting his drawing for GOLDEN ARTIST AWARD and bringing his drawing at the International level.

I am also submitting h/w a photo of Sreeram proudly holding his precious certificate.

Thanking You

Geetha.A.V (Sreeram’s Mother) from India


Dear Picasso Art Contest Team,

I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to you for conferring Golden + Artist Award to my daughter Shruti Dubey. Thank you so much for providing an international platform to encourage the budding artists all over the world. It gives exposure and motivation to the kids to improve their creativity. I liked the whole process of participation in the contest. It is user friendly and fair contest. It gives sufficient time and freedom to the participants to express their creativity. I also appreciate the publishing of the artworks of the winners which encourages the participants to improve their skill.

Proud mom of Shruti Dubey, Mumbai, India

Thank you PICASSO art contest team for holding such a great competition that gives opportunities to many children to show their talent. We cannot thank you enough for this recognition you have conferred towards our Son. It's quite motivational and help him to pursue his interest further. Both our kids so thrilled and their enthusiasm have been catalyzed by your appreciation, approval and blessings. We hope to keep the flow going and he participates in possibly each of your competitions.
            Your hard work and effort in bringing the budding artists from all over the world to create an international platform is truly commendable. THIYAKSHWA SURESHKUMAR (6 yrs old) got more than 80 Awards which includes many International,National and state level competitions and he been to Germany,Berlin to receive an award for his art competition...We are very proud our son.
Thank you once again!
Gayathri (Pround mother) from INDIA

Dear all, I gladly took the opportunity to participate in the 4th season of Picasso Art Contest. So happy to see my drawing among others in the Winner`s Gallery. I`d like to say thank you for your choice since i feel so privileged to get my certificate of achievement. Can`t wait to show it to my fine arts teacher and my classmates. Your contest encourages young people like me to take chances and work hard for their cherished dream, mine is to become famous animator. Thank you for your hard work and please accept the best worm wishes from Ukraine. Vadim (writing from my school email)
Start Artist Winner from UKRAINE
Dear Picasso Art Contest, Participating in your competition, alongside many talented children from around the world, motivates me to continue and improve my technique. This is such a great, and fun, way to better myself. Thank you for the opportunity! And congratulations to the organizers, and to children and their parents, on promoting beautiful things!
Paul Jules Butler
Schweich, GERMANY
"My Daughter name is Rhea Madeline from Indonesia.Six years old and in the first year of an elementary school It is the first time for my daughter joining an international art contest.That is way i feel so proud and happy to be STAR Artist in the picasso art contest sesion 3.Hopefully she will continue to create in painting better and better again.
My daughter Rhea Madeline-6 years old
A proud mother from INDONESIA)
Picasso has helped many childrens to bring their drawings at the international level. Even at the age of 2 a kid is recognised internationally. It is one of the good platform for creativity of the kids. It is one of the happiest moment to see the drawing and our kids photo on website for the best performance. BEST OF LUCK TO THE PICASSO TEAM AND ALL THE KIDS PARTICIPATING IN THE FUTURE CONTEST.
Pallavi P Padave
Satisfied mom of Ananya P
Hello. Thank you very much for the award. My son was thrilled with the certificate. Draws with lots of love and enjoys drawing. Already sent a drawing and the other competition. Thank you very much. I anywhere in Ohrid you promote to many children from Macedonia to take part of your wonderful competition.
Keti & Riste Ohrid, Macedonia
I recently participated in the Picasso Art Contest Season 2, and was very happy to find out that I had been rated as a star- artist. I am writing this e- mail to you, to show my thankfulness and appreciation towards your work. I personally think you are doing an amazing job at inspiring young artists from all over the world to keep freeing their imagination in such a beautiful way. My words of congrats go to you, for making all of this happen, not just for me, but for everyone out there, who creates and/ or appreciates art. Thank you, again, for your time and effort.
Kiara Kapllani
Star Artist Award Winner from Albania
The Team at PicassoArtContest.com, I cannot thank you enough for this recognition you have conferred towards my daughter, Arushi's piece of art. She is so thrilled and her enthusiasm has been catalysed by your appreciation, approval and blessings. We hope to keep the flow going and she participates in possibly each of your competitions. Thank you once again!
Pritesh Pal
Proud Parent of Arushi Pal
I cannot thank you enough for this recognition you have conferred towards my daughter's piece of art. She is so thrilled and her enthusiasm has been catalysed by your appreciation, approval and blessings. We hope to keep the flow going and she participates in possibly each of your competitions. Thank you once again!
Pritesh Pal
Satisfied Father
Dear Picasso Art Contest Team Thank you for giving my children an opportunity to take part.It was their first time and an awesome experience for them to be part of the contest. They were very delighted to be selected for STAR and DIAMOND artist. It's quite motivational and help them to pursue their interest further. Your hardwork and effort in bringing the budding artists from all over the world to create an international platform is truly commendable. Thanking you again Sadvi Sandhya
Satisfied Mom from SINGAPORE
Dear Sir, Greetings... I have been drawing since my playgroup days and this contest came as a zoom to me. My father sent the drawing online and the response we received as far as the reply, evaluation status and the result all were actually fast forward and appropriate. Getting the deserving results and instant, made me delighted and my parents, entire family and my school proud. I am happy to be associated with Picasso.
Class VI KV ONGC Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
Thank u Picasso art contest for holding such a great competition that gives opportunities to many children to show their talent.I am the mother of preeti Roy,I am very proud of her for achieving 8.8 points and being a diamond artist.I am very thankfully to u all for giving my daughter a great opportunity, and once again thanks a lot !!
Ava Roy
Mother of Preeti Roy
Hi I am Geeti Ara.This is the first time I am participating in PICASSO ART CONTEST.I was really excited about it.It's such a wonderful and invigorating experience.I am really happy to be a STAR ARTIST and to see my work published.This competition is really encouraging and motivational.
We are a team of children's school of music and art of Uzbekistan in the first participated in the PICASSO ART CONTEST 2015 and received a certificate is Star Artist, Golden + Artist! Thank you for your project, thanks PICASSO ART! Children's School of Music and Art №2, Uzbekistan
Children's School of Music and Art №2
Thank u Picasso for d opportunity given to my daughter Sonal Ganguly 6 yr. Kolkata India. She has been selected as golden+ ranking 8.2 out of 10. Uma Ganguly mother of Sonal Ganguly
Sonal Ganguly
Satisfied Mom, Kolkata (INDIA)
Thank u Picasso. Sonal Ganguly 6 yrs Kolkata india has been selected for golden+ artist. I am very proud mom n I want n feel Picasso will give more opportunity to Sonal to achieve more awards in future.
Uma Ganguly
Satisfied Mom, INDIA
Dear Picasso Art Contest Team, Thank you so much for giving young artists around the world an opportunity to participate in this amazing online art contest. We are very happy and proud that our son was granted a Silver Artist Certificate for his very first entry to the contest. This was a great encouragement for his creativity, and it was such a nice surprise to receive this award on the New Year's Eve. We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year. Happy New Year 2015!
Parents of Areg Drnoyan CANADA
lavanya das
Satisfied Participant, INDIA
It is truly an honor to be a recipient of the Picasso Art Contest 2014 Golden Artist Award. I'd like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Picasso Art Contest Team for conferring this award on me and also for the previous awards that I received. It is truly overwhelming to become an awardee since my first entry. This gives me inspiration to continue improving my talent. I cannot wait to send you more artworks. Thanks a lot! :)
Mia Isabelle Antonio PHILIPPINES
Dear organizers, My participation in this competition represents a unique experience. I had expected with great emotions the final results. I am proud and very happy to get the prize content. It is not the first international performance well you have in my, admittedly, but it seems to me the most important. I'll tell all colleagues, friends and my teachers. My parents crying of happiness when they saw my certificate-GOLDEN ARTIST. Thank you very much, Budeanu Radu-Andrei ( Art Club ,,The friends of the colours"- School Buhalnita, Departement IASI, Country: ROMANIA
Budeanu Radu-Andrei, IASI, ROMANIA
Thank you so much for giving my daughter a great opportunity to show her artistic side and it was indeed a great pleasure to be part of picasso art contest.I will surely send the picture of my daughter with her certificate soon.Thanks again and best wishes too.Regards-Mrs Jyoti Agrawal ,Parent of Kinshuk Agrawal.
Jyoti Agrawal
Satisfied Mom from Pune, INDIA
Hi Wish you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Apologies for the delay in responding to the below mail. I was on a vacation and hence could respond immediately At the outset would like to thank you for having awarded my daughter in the below contest. I would also like to take this opportunity to appreciate the concept of this contest as :- 1) It really has a very user friendly and simple method of participation. This really encourages young artistes to participate with a very free mind and without going through the grind of the normal participation process which is generally followed in other contests 2) Also when a young artist is awarded as in the case of my daughter, it provides a lot of encouragement for them to keep participating and do better in the future. Honestly a great platform for young artists. As adviced, I am attaching below the photograph of my daughter (Kritika Murali), holding the certificate Kind regards, Murali Subramanian
Murali Subramanian Satisfied Parent
Taking part in this competition is a very good experience for me .Thanks Picasso art contest for choosing me as a GOLDEN ARTIST. I really appreciate the certificate you give me and do not forgot to show it to my friends and teachers. :) 
Sakshi Rastogi
Dear Picasso Art Contest Team, Thank you very much for the award you granted my participation in the contest! I am so happy to become a winner straight away with my first entry! Thanks a lot! I am so proud to be a holder of Golden Artist Certificate! This prise gives me courage to continue improving my art talent. I cannot wait to send a new drawing in two months from now! :) :)
Elitca Ganeva
Dear friends , so far from me(it is about the distance which separate us) I am David Alexandru from Romania . I have 7 years and a half . In august I'll have 8 years . In the last half year I had so many happies events in my life. I've had already 2 personal exhibitions with 66 and 60 artworks . It is such a great honour to receive from you , second time the STAR ARTIST CERTIFICATE . You motivate me very much and of course other children , so my congratulations for this . I am so proud because you really appreciate my work. See you in august ,my dear friends . I look carefully to all works who appear on your site . It is so nice to see how many talented children are in the whole world .We are the next generation who need art contest like PICASSO ART CONTEST .
David Alexandru

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