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Best performing Schools and Art Centers
(in Picasso Art Contest)

Top performing schools in JUNIOR PICASSO 2019

  • Golden+ Award: Chelammal Vidhyaashram Sr. Sec. CBSE School,Musiri, Tamilnadu, (India)
  • Gold Award: Big House Art Workshop, (Hong Kong)
  • Silver Award: School of Creativity, (Hong Kong)

Top performing schools in Creative Brilliance 2018
  • Golden+ Award: SMK AGAMA, Kuala Lumpur, (MALAYSIA)
  • Gold Award: Dishaari Academy of Arts & Crafts, Bangalore (INDIA)
  • Gold Award: SAM Academy, Johor, (MALAYSIA)
  • Gold Award: Meridian World School, Texas (UNITED STATES)
  • Silver Award: Anupama's art n craft, New Delhi (INDIA)
  • Silver Award: SU Sv.sv.Kiril i Metodii Karnobat, (BULGARIA)

Note: Award Certificates have been sent to all above schools/ art schools.

Smart Kids Arts n Craft Studio, MALAYSIA

Busy Little Hands, Mumbai (INDIA)

Swarangsparsh Art Class, NOIDA (INDIA)

Mount Litera Zee School, Mylaudy, (INDIA)

Moonmoon Art Centre, Penang (MALAYSIA)

Neerja Modi School, Jaipur (INDIA)

US Arts and Crafts, California, USA

Meridian World School, Texas, (UNITED STATES)