Junior Picasso 2021 is an initiative of PicassoArtContest.Com for children 2 to 10 years old. All parents from all over the world are invited to show their kid's creative and artistic talent.

Eligibility       and 
  Simple Rules: 
 Name of the contest: 
  Junior Picasso 2021
 Entry starts on          : 
  1 June 2021
 Entry ends on            : 
  20 June 6 July 2021
 Age Limit                   : 
  2-10 years old. (The kid should not have completed his 11 years age)
 Theme or Subject     
  The drawing/ painting can be on any subject or theme of your choice.
 Colors to be used     : 
  All colors/ art mediums are allowed like Crayons/ Wax/ Sketch Pens/ Water Colors/ Oil Colors/ Poster Colors  etc.(Digital Art and Craft Works are NOT accepted.)
 Size of the Painting    
  The drawing / painting may be of any size.
 Layout                        : 
  Vertical or horizontal. 
 What not to do           :
  • Don't submit digital art or craft works.
  • Don't write quotes or slogans on the painting.
Age Limit
Any male or female artist of 2 to 10 years of age is eligible for Junior Picasso 2021
How to mention age: Mention the completed age. For example, if your age is 4 years and 3 months then you should write 4  years only. If your age is 4 years 11 months then also you should write 4 years only.
How to participate in Junior Picasso 2021 ?
Create a painting of any subject or theme of your choice. Write your name on any corner of the painting. Take the photograph of your painting with camera or mobile. Then click on the link below to enter the contest.
Rejection of entries. Entries may be rejected if,
The entries may be REJECTED due to following reasons:
  • Your art-work contains any objectionable subject or copyrighted material.
  • You have not given correct information during participation.
  • The image of the drawing/ painting is not clear.
  • There are quotes/ slogan written on the painting.
  • You submitted the drawings multiple times.
  • Signature of the artist is not on the painting.
Attention!! Teachers of Schools/ Art Schools
You need to send all the paintings in a single email to color4picasso@gmail.comalong with an MS EXCEL Sheet containing all artists' name and age. You need not to fill the online form. Also, please mention your school's name, address and teacher's name.. Please give your brief introduction too. Subject of the email should be Entry for JUNIOR PICASSO 2021. .
NOTE: Try to resize the images of paintings to around 500 kb (by help of MS PAINT or any other software) so that you can attach up to 50 images in one single email. However, you can send multiple emails if number of participants are more. You need to indicate Part1, Part2, etc in the subject area.
Awards/ Certificates
Winners will receive Art Recognition Pack, which consists of
  • publication of painting in the website
  • publication of winner's photo in the winner's gallery
  • Certificate of Achievement and
  • recognition as 7 Star, 5 Star, and 3 Star Artist
Fees for Art Recognition Pack & Certificate
The fees is $0.00 for 7 Star artists
and $19.99 for 5, and 3 Star Artists.

  • (50% Discount may be offered for limited time only)
  No extra fees for the Certificate.
Judgement Of Paintings by ICE-PAPA approach.

Paintings are judged on the basis of ICE-PAPA approach. ICE-PAPA is acronym of Innovation, Creativity, Engaging, Perfection, Age of Artist, Presentation and Artistic Ability.

 Score out of 10
7 Stars
  9.0 to 10.0
5 Stars
  8.0 to 8.9
3 Stars
  6.0 to 7.9
  No Awards are offered for score less than 6.0

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