Creative Brilliance 2022
 An opportunity to show your artistic talent in an International Art Competition.


6 to 19 years

Entries Accepted from
26 October to 10 December 2022

Any Subject or Theme 
can be Accepted

Any Color or Medium
can be used

Name of the contest: 
  Creative Brilliance 2022
Entry starts on: 
  26 October 2022
Entry ends on:
  25 November 10 December 2022
 6 to 19 years age
Subject or Theme:
 Painting on any subject or theme is accepted.
Layout of painting
The drawing/ painting may be vertical or horizontal.
Size of the painting
 Any size is accepted.
Number of Paintings
 Only one entry is allowed per artist. Multiple entries are not allowed.
Use of medium or color:
  You can use following media:
  • Water Color
  • Poster Color
  • Acrylics Color
  • Oil Color
  • Graphite
  • Charcoal or pencil shading
  • Pastel
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pen and Ink
  • Mixed Media
  • Ball Point Pen, etc
  • Digital Art and Craft Works are NOT accepted.
  What not to do
  • Don't submit digital art or craft works.
  • Don't write quotes or slogans on the painting.
 Signature of the artist
 There should be Artist's Name on any one corner of the painting.
 Entry Fees
 There is NO entry fees. It is FREE to enter.
 Awards/ Certificates
  Winners will receive Art Recognition Pack, which consists of
  • publication of painting in the website
  • publication of winner's photo in the winner's gallery
  • Certificate of Achievement and
  • Recognition as Star Artist, Diamond Artist and Gold Artist.
Fees for Art Recognition Pack & Certificate
The fees is $0.00 for Star artists and $19.99 for Diamond Artists and Gold Artists (Discount may be offered for limited time only)
Judgement Of Paintings by ICE-PAPA approach.
Paintings are judged on the basis of ICE-PAPA approach. ICE-PAPA is acronym of Innovation, Creativity, Engaging, Perfection, Age of Artist, Presentation and Artistic Ability.
 How to participate?
Click the button below. In the next page you need to fill the form and upload the painting, and click on submit button. That's all.
Attention!! Teachers of Schools/ Art Schools
           You need to send all the paintings in a single email to along with an MS EXCEL Sheet containing all artists' name and age. You need not to fill the online form. Also, please mention your school's name, address and teacher's name.. Please give your brief introduction too. Subject of the email should be Entry for CREATIVE BRILLIANCE 2022. 
          NOTE: Try to resize the images of paintings to around 500 kb (by help of MS PAINT or any other software) so that you can attach up to 50 images in one single email. However, you can send multiple emails if number of participants are more. You need to indicate Part1, Part2, etc in the subject area.
Selection Process and Notification to winners.
Best art-works will be selected by the jury.Winners will be informed by e-mail before publication of result.

Don't Get

Rejection of entries. Do not make following mistakes.
The entries may be REJECTED due to following reasons:
  • Your art-work contains any objectionable subject or copyrighted material.
  • You have not given correct information during participation.
  • The image of the drawing/ painting is not clear.
  • There are quotes/ slogan written on the painting.
  • You submitted the drawings multiple times.
  • Signature of the artist is not on the painting.
10 point scale for judgement
Winners will be judged on 10 point scale.
9.0 to 10.0 points
  Star Artist
8.0 to 8.9 points
  Diamond Artist
6.0 to 7.9 points
  Gold Artist
  5.9 or below 
   Any award will not be given.
General Rules and Regulations
  • Renowned personality in respective field will judge the entries. The decision of the jury, formed for this purpose, will be final without any jurisdiction.
  • Paintings submitted must be artist's origina work. If your painting infringes upon another's copyright, it will be disqualified.
  • Please do not send painting related to violence, drugs or adult themes.
  • You participate in the contest means you agree with the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy of this website.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Who can participate in CREATIVE BRILLIANCE 2022 ?
 Anybody from any country whose age is from 6 to 19 years, can participate in this art contest.
 How to submit the entry in this art contest?
 You can submit your entry online. Before submission of entry, do your signature on any one corner of the painting and then take the photograph of your painting with mobile or camera. Now, you are ready to submit your entry. On this page, please find the button "Enter the Art Contest" and click it. You will be redirected to next page where you need to fill all details like Name, age, date of birth etc.
 Is there any ENTRY FEES to enter this art contest?
 There is NO ENTRY fees. If you are selected as STAR ARTIST then you do not need to pay any fees for Art Recognition Pack. But if you are selected as DIAMOND ARTIST or GOLD ARTIST then you need to pay 19.99 USD (Limited time Discounted fees 9.99 USD) for the Art Recognition Pack.
 After submission of entry, will I get any confirmation message?
 Yes, after the submission of entry confirmation email is sent within 3 minutes. So, check the email after 3 minutes. In the confirmationn email all the details which you have filled including your painting will be available.
 By the confirmation email I got to know that I have made mistake in my name and date of birth. What should I do now?
 In the confirmation email there will be a link from where you can edit your response (Name, age, date of birth, state, country and even you can change your painting too). But the link will be active only for 48 hours from the time you have submitted. So, within 48 hours, you can EDIT your entry. But, after 48 hours you cannot edit yourself. You need to send email to
 What is Art Recognition Pack?
  Art Recognition Pack consists of
  • publication of painting in the website
  • publication of winner's photo in the winner's gallery
  • Certificate of Achievement and
  • Recognition as Star Artist, Diamond Artist and Gold Artist.
 Will everybody get option to order Art Recognition Pack?
  No. Those participants whose scores are less than 6 out of 10 they won't be offered any Award or Art Recognition Pack. They are   encouraged to apply again in next art contest.
 What is Winners' Gallery?
 Winners' Gallery is a particular section on our webste where the photograhs of the winners holding the Award Certificates are published.
 How the Winners are selected?
 Paintings are judged on the basis of ICE-PAPA approach. ICE-PAPA is acronym of Innovation, Creativity, Engaging, Perfection, Age of   Artist, Presentation and Artistic Ability.
 How will I be notified about the Result?
 We will inform you about the Result through email.
Important Dates
 Entries accepted till
    25 November 10 December 2022
 Selection in progress
    Second week of December 2022
 Notification to winners by e-mail
    Third week of December 2022
 Publication of final Result
    Fourth week of December 2022
 Issue of Certificates
    Fourth week of December 2022